Sunday, March 24, 2019

Deploy and use Azure Container Registry

Here I’ll going to create a Azure Container Register and note down the steps.
Will run though this step by step guide you to create your our Kubernetes Cluster.

First of all need to login into your Azure subscription by using below command

> az login 

Then you can create the Resource group (RG) and then create the ACR or if you have already created the RG then create the ACR on that RG is possible.
But …. If you have more than one subscription then first you need to assign the correct subscription. For that run the below command,
> az account set –subscription <Subscription ID>

To create resource group(RG) run the below command,
az group create --name HemalAKS --location eastasia

To create the Azure Container Register(ACR) use the below command.
az acr create --resource-group hemalaks --name hemalaksacr1 --sku Basic

Once that is done you  can login into the ACR by running below command.

az acr login --name <acrName>

The command returns a Login Succeeded message once completed.
Before you can push an image to your ACR registry, you must tag it with the fully qualified name of your ACR login server.
Run the following command to get the full login server name of your ACR instance.
az acr list --resource-group myResourceGroup --query "[].{acrLoginServer:loginServer}" --output table

Copy the output. This will be need to tag the image and will continue with the next post.

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