Tuesday, June 12, 2018

How to add a Manage Disk into Azure VM

If you need to add a new data disk into your existing Azure server then you can follow the below steps to add a new disk into that environment.

Mainly there are two ways of doing that,

1. Create the required disk fist and then ad into the server.

2. Under the Server settings, go into the Disk and then create the required Disk from there itself.

Steps here are for first option and to create that,

1. Go into all service > search for disk.


2. Click on add and button and give a name for the disk. Then select the correct Resource group and the location.

3. Account type needs to be select as per the requirement and source can be select “None”.

- Need to be very careful with selecting the size of the Disk. The pricing details can be find here.


- Once the validation complete, click on create.

4.  Then go into Virtual Machine > Settings> Disk

And add the disk from there.



- After completing that log into the server and format and add the disc by go into the Disk Manager.

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