Friday, May 4, 2018

Azure Service Health

Azure Service health gives a customizable dashboard which helps to track the Azure service health status. Region wise technical issues updates and many more.

You can track active events like ongoing service issues, upcoming planned maintenance, or relevant health advisories. When events become inactive, they get placed in your health history for up to 90 days. Finally, you can use the Service Health dashboard to create and manage service health alerts which proactively notify you when service issues are affecting you.

Mainly there are three things tracked and those are,

1. Service issues - Problems in the Azure services that affect you right now.

2. Planned maintenance - Upcoming maintenance that can affect the availability of your services in the future.

3. Health advisories - Changes in Azure services that require your attention. Examples include when Azure features are deprecated or if you exceed a usage quota.

Service Health dashboard is like below,


By default this service is active under your Azure subscription and to easy access you can ping that into the dashboard.

To do that Search Health Service under All services and from there ping that into the dashboard.


Tracking ID

This will be a problem tracking number and you can copy paste the mentioned URL if you want to send this details to some third party.


Summary Download

Here you can download a summary of the problem as a PDF doc and that also can use as a reference or send to the people who doesn't have access to the Azure portal. Or

Can scan the QR code on you mobile and grab more detail about the event while you are travelingWinking smile


Best part is to configure the notification. For that you can click on Service Health Alert and configure.


If you need more information about the notification profile setup, Please check my previous post about SQL notification setup. Which can be found in location.

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