Thursday, November 16, 2017

Troubleshoot the Azure site to Site VPN issues.

I  have experienced that most of the time the Azure site to site configuration, making issues in the initial setup because of not following the correct steps.

For an example Some Firewall / Routers support only the “ RouteBased configuration” and not the  “PolicyBased configuration ”. Then you need to select the correct configuration method initially.

Even the IKE version needs to be 2 not 1. I saw sometimes those small mistakes kills your whole day.

Before starting the configuration you can refer the below mentioned Microsoft documentation,

Here you will be able to find the deployment guide for most of the known Firewall and Routes with the “ RouteBased configuration” and the “PolicyBased configuration ” methods.

You can download the step by step guide for the firewall configuration and for Azure VPN setup details are also in the document.

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