Friday, November 24, 2017

Enable Log Analytics in Azure

As I mentioned in my previous post. to use the OMS Log analytics feature, you can enable the Azure log analytics to collect the data from the Azure hosted instances.

To enable this, you can go in to the More Service in Azure Portal and search for Log Analytics.


Then select  create new and give a OMS workspace name.

You can create a new resource group or can select the existing resource group with the servers that you ant to monitor there.

Then select the location where you want to deploy this service.

Initially you can go with the free pricing tier which enables 500MB daily limit.


Then you can select the Virtual machine and in the next select the correct the virtual machines that you want to log the events.


Go into the selected VM and click connect. Once that is done, you will see the status as This Workspace.


Once you go into the Log Analytics Usage blade, you will be able to see the data consumption. Means you can plan, whether you can go with the free pricing tier or need to purchase some other tier.


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