Friday, November 3, 2017

Azure Site-To-Site VPN configuration

Steps to create a S2S VPN is mentioned below.

If you have not set up the virtual network gateway then you can follow my previous post about  Azure Point to site Configuration.

There you can find the details about the Virtual Network Gateway setup.

Next, you can open the Virtual Network Gateway and click on connect. I have already set up one connection and you can click on the add button to start with a new VPN setup.


Then you can give a name for the VPN and select the collection type. Here I have selected VNet-to-VNet as I was planning to configure S2S VPN.

First give a name for the configuration then select the VPN as the type to create the VPN gateway.

Then you need to select correct Virtual network which you need to establish the connection and the IP address for the destination.


For the Network Gateway again you can give a name IP address and the address space.


You can give the same Preshared key which you have entered in the destination gateway.


Or else later you can change that by goin into the Settings > Preshared Keyimage

Once you Save that VPN status is Connecting.


You can get the Connected status if you have done the both the side configuration properly    Smile

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