Thursday, November 23, 2017

Azure Log Analytics

Azure Log  analytics are used in the Operation Management suit to collect the availability and the performance of the cloud  and the on-premise environments.

As you can see in the below diagram, you should be able to monitor and get the log information from the Azure hosted VMs, SCOM managed Servers and VM with the OMS agents.


At the center of Log Analytics is the OMS repository which is hosted in the Azure cloud.

Data is connected into the data source and then you have a chance of selecting the mothered that you want to filter them. As you can see in the below diagram, Log search can be done through the OMS itself and then you can select the option whether you want to send the alert to a specific Ticketing tool or a recipient, Download the data which can be used in the Power BI to do the reporting, or exporting as a CSV file.


This is a sample image of Azure Activity Log in the OMS. I will post the step by step guide about the OMS configuration .



To start this you can use the OMS free data plan package which comes with an 500 MB daily upload limit.

If you have an azure subscription already then, go into OMS portal.

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