Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How to enable azure backup for Virtual Machine

Here I’m going to test the Microsoft Azure Backup for VM. Basically its a next next process and easy to configure.

If you want to use Azure backup for on-premise infrastructure below are the list of servers which is support by Azure backup,



Once you created a VM in Azure You can see the Backup configuration tab. If you created a backup job, then clicking on that will show you the status of the backup and the policy which used to setup the backup job.


If this is the first time you are creating a backup, then you can create a new vault and create a backup policy.

But If you have your own Vault created then you can assign this backup in to same vault which you have created created at an earlier date.


Here you can create the backup frequency and the retention period. assign them and click ok and then click Enable Backup to start the Job,


Then the backup status will say that Initial backup pending till the fist backup finish the job.

Backup now 
Restore VM 
File Recovery (Preview) 
• More 
Recovery services vault 
Subscription name 
Microsoft Azure 
Subscription ID 
Item type 
Azure virtual machine 
Last backup status 
Waming(lnitial backup pending) 
Last backup time 
Latest restore point 
Oldest restore point 
Backup policy 

Hope this help you to get an idea about the Azure VM backup.

Here I have attached the pricing detail about the Azure backup and if you want more information you can refer Microsoft Pricing calculator.


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