Thursday, March 9, 2017

Azure VPC not resolving O365 autodiscovery


O365 need to have a pointing to when its come to autodiscovery configuration,

Here I’m going to highlight few things if you are facing and issue with configuring the outlook with 0365.

  • Check whether you have added the correct CNAME record in your domain Cpannel and whether that is propagate correctly.
  • To check the propagation, you can find some famous free web site from the Internet.
  • Then by using Microsoft Tool, you can find where is the problem now and the resolution to solve that issue. Most of the time this will give you a hint to find a path to resolve the issue.
  • if it says your computer is still not resolving DNS, then  you can try one of the following method to resolve that.

In your PC or the Server you can do below mentioned task to forward your Autodiscover traffic to “ “

1.If you know the IP address of  “ “ domain then add a host   entry in your PC saying that “”  traffic forward to that IP address which you have found.

2. If your PC or the server is in a domain environment, then add a CNAME in your DNS saying that for the “”  traffic forward to  “ “

Here you can find the steps for adding that in your DNS,

Go to DNS settings, Add a New Zone.


New Zone Wizard 
Welcome to the New Zone 
This wizard helps you create a nevv zone for your DNS 
A zone translates DNS names to related data, such as [P 
addresses or newvork services. 
To continue, dick Next. 
< Sack

Select Primary zone in the next window,

New Zone Wizard 
Zone Type 
The DNS server supports various types of zones and storage. 
Select the type of zone you want to create: 
@ Primary zone 
Creates a cop,' of a zone that can be updated directly on this server. 
Secondary zone 
Creates a com of a zone that exists on another server This opton helps balance 
the gruessing load of primary servers and provides fault tolerance. 
C) Stub zone 
Creates a com of a zone containing only Name Server O'S), Start of Authority 
(SOA), and possibly glue Host (A) records. A server containing a stub zone is not 
authoritatve for that zone. 
[e] Store the zone in Active Directory (available only ifDNS server is a writeable domain 
con tr oller)

New Zone Wizar 
Dynamic Update 
You can specify that this DNS zone accepts secure, nonsecure, or no dynamic 
Dynamic updates enable DNS dient computers to register and dynamically update their 
resource records with a DNS server whenever changes xcur. 
Select the type of dynamic updates you want to allow: 
@ Allon only secure dynamic updates (recommended for Active Directory) 
This option available only for Actve Directory-integrated zones. 
C) Allon both nonsecure and secure dynamic updates 
Dynamic updates of resource records are accepted from any client. 
This opton is a significant security vulnerability because updates can be 
accepted from untrusted sources. 
Co not allon dynamic updates 
Dynamic updates of resource records are not accepted by this zone. You must update 
these records manually.


Under that zone give your autodiscover address and the 0365 one.


Once that done that, go into CMD and check the DNS status.

Now you will able to resolve that O365 autodiscovery DNS issue.


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