Sunday, January 22, 2017

[Solved] The requested session access is denied


This is a known error message for IT Administrators. But I'll highlight the options that are available to mitigate this issue.

You will face this issue when you try to connect into, 

Azure virtual Server 

Windows 2012 Server 

Windows 2008/20008 R2 Server 

The requested session access is denied. 

First, you need to check whether your enter you Admin credentials on the same RDP window is working. This would be working.

Then run the MTSC without Admin (mstsc /admin) and give your user credentials.

If that is an Azure VPC, without clicking the Connect tab on the VM control page, you can copy the Virtual machine IP address or the FQDN and use the normal RDP connection to connect.

In Azure, you can find the VPC details under Essentials tab.

Resource group (cunge) 
West Europe 
Subscription name (change) 
Microsoft Azure Enterprise 
Subscription ID 
Computer name 
Operating system 
Standard DS13 (8 cores, 56 GB memory) 
NS name label 
Virtual network/subnet

Hope this will help.

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jr said...

Hi... I'm experiencing the same issue. However my connection string does not have /admin in it. Only administrators are allowed to login, and only 2 sessions at any one time. The server is still within the grace period.

I have another VM, but it was provisioned under the Classic VM model. This server allows RDP connections, even from normal users. What gives ya? I'm at a loss...