Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Active Directory Backup and Recovery Step-by-Step

  You can also restore Active Directory information on a domain controller by restoring the System State data from backup media. This restores Active Directory as well as the other System State components on which Active Directory depends. There are two general methods for restoring Active Directory from backup media. those are,
1. nonauthoritative .
2. authoritative.
Nonauthoritative restore means that when a domain controller is restored from backup media, the restored data is updated through normal replication. Each restored directory partition is updated with that of its replication partners.
Authoritative restore means that after Active Directory is restored nonauthoritatively from a backup medium that the entire directory, a subtree, or individual objects can be designated to take precedence over any other instances of those objects on replicated domain controllers. So, through normal replication, the restored domain controller becomes authoritative in relation to its replication partners. Even if the authoritatively restored replica set is older than the current replicas, the older data is replicated to all of its replication partners. Authoritative restore is typically used to restore a system to a previously known state,
Here I'm going to use Nonauthoritatively Restoring Active Directory technique. for that we can use Windows Server backup tool.
Fist you can follow below mentioned steps to enable windows backup feature.
Go to Roles and services
Select windows Server backup Feature 
Once you done with the installation you can open Windows Server backup Tool.
Then you can configure new backup  job. here I'm going to select “Backup Once” option. 
It’s good to have full server backup with us. because of that I'm selecting Full Server. 
I’m going to keep the backup in a remote location and i have already shared a folder for that. Here I’m giving the path of the Share folder. 
clip_image019You can give permission for this backup file. 
clip_image023 clip_image024
To restore, You can select the backup job and from the action pane select Recover
Here you can elect the file and the folders that you want to recover.
You can select the recovery location as Original location or else you can say that Recovered that toy another location.
Once you click recover file will be recovered to the location that you have selected before.

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