Friday, April 17, 2015

SCCM2012 Client Installation Error

When you try to install SCCM client, If you install the SCCM for first time and you have not configured your Boundary groups then you will get the below mentioned error
Error: Some of the selected resources are not assigned to any site
To resolve this Go in to Admiration > Boundary Groups > Then select Create new Boundary Group
Give a Name for the new boundary group and add the boundaries in the second window.
Go to References and Select
1. Use the boundary group for the site assignment
2. Assign the site from the drop down box
3. Add the Site system Server
Click ok to continue.  Once you finished with that you can go to devices and try to Install Client

Thursday, April 16, 2015

SCCM2012 Installation Error

When you try to configure SCCM 2012 with SQL 2012 sometime you will get the below mentioned error message.
“The logon account for the SQL Server service cannot be a local user account, NT SERVICE\<sql service name> or LOCAL SERVICE. You must configure the SQL Server service to use a valid domain account, NETWORK SERVICE, or LOCAL SYSTEM.”
To troubleshoot this you can follow the below mentioned steps.
Go in to SQL 2012 Server, click Start > SQL Server Configuration Manager
Then Click SQL Server Services > in the right window pane, right-click SQL Server <instance name>, click Properties
Click the Log On tab, click “This account”, click browse then select the AD account which you have created before with the Password.
Once you done with that, Re-run the Prerequisite Check for SCCM 2012 and validate that you do not see the prerequisite for SQL Server service as a warning or failure.