Saturday, November 22, 2014

[Solved] please wait for the windows module installer

After installing the windows updates, the server giving an error saying that "Please wait for the Windows Modules Installer" and automatically restarting the server. Try to logging as Safe mood. Then tried all other options that windows is giving under log on window. but same screen came and cannot logging to the server.
This PC is a virtual one and when I try to attach a ISO file and boot from that unfortunately that was also not worked.


Found that when this PC is boot up, I can ping and access the drivers attached to that server. Means I have 50% chance to remotely change the settings in this PC.


Then I log in to another server by using admin credentials and go in to services. under that you have a feature to remotely access other computer services. Please follow the below mentioned steps to try that.

Go to Services then  right click and select connect to another Computer.


Find the computer name from the active directory computer group. If the PC is not under a domain you can try this by using the IP address.


Then when you go down you can see that "Windows Modules Installer" Service is  up and running.


Disable the "Windows Modules Installer" Service and reboot your server. Once this service disabled server will automatically back to the logging screen.

Hope this will help you to reduce the time wasting for finding solution for  "please wait for the windows module installer " issue.   :)


Unknown said...

Perfect solution. Thanks for sharing.

Kayzee.NET said...

This worked so perfect, saved me some pains. It also highlights the powerful feature of remotely managing windows service!

Thank you so much.