Monday, December 31, 2012

How to create a Virtual PC in Windows Azure

To logging to Windows Azure use link and give your account username and Password. Then you will see this “ALL ITEMS” Window image

If you want to crate a new Virtual PC, go in to NEW > Compute > Virtual Machine


If you want to create new VPC select Quick Create and give required details,


If not you can go with an already created template. For that select “From Gallery”. Then select the Operating system.


Then give a VPC name and Password for the selected VPC…. You can change the VPC Size as per your requirement.


Fill the details about Virtual Machine Mode (Standalone/ Existing, Storage mode and Region)


In Availability Set, select Create availability set (Optional). When a virtual machine is a member of an availability set, it is deployed to different fault domains as other virtual machines in the set. Multiple virtual machines in an availability set make sure that your application is available during network failures, local disk hardware failures, and any planned downtime. If you are creating an availability set, enter the name for the availability set.


Once you click OK, you can see the status of the VPC creation in the next window.

Once this finished, you can use your Local PC Remote Desktop Connection to access this VPC. For that give your Azure VPC name and click Connect.
Then give your User name and password


If the credentials are correct, it will prompt this Security Certificate window. Click yes and continue.

Now you will able to RDP in to your Azure VPC.

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