Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to install MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) - 06

Adding Office 2010 in to the Task Sequence
        With the previous steps we have already added the Office suite and configured to a silent installation.
Then go in to
1.    Deployment Workbench” > “Task Sequences” > “Win7” > “Properties”.

2.    Access the tab “Task Sequence”. You can check all those options. (Most of them did not appear on the Task Sequence wizard) and change their values (In Properties) or disable specific steps.

3. Go in to “State Restore” > “Install Applications”. Select “Install a single application” > “Microsoft Office 2010”. Click “OK”.

If you want to add more applications later, to the same task sequence, use the same step on this task sequence, select “Add” > “General” > “Install Application”. 

Now installation of Office 2010 is included on the “Deploy Windows 7” sequence and will push in to the client machines silently.  After the configuration, we have to Update Deployment Share

1. Deployment Share >MDT Deployment Share write click and select “Update Deployment Share”

Select “Completely regenerate the Boot image” and click next

Then you will get this summary window

Click Finish to continue. 

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