Monday, April 23, 2012

How to install MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) - 05

Adding Applications to MDT 2010: Office 2010 

We can add applications using a simple wizard. for that,

1.    Deployment Workbench” > “Distribution Share” > “Applications” > “New”.

2.    Select “Application with source files”.

3.    Complete the data about the application.

4.    Select the “Source Directory”. Since I have it on the hard drive, I’ll check “Move the files to the distribution share instead of copying them”. 

5. Keep the directory name as suggested: “Microsoft Office 2010”.

6. On “Command Details” introduce the name of the executable for Office 2010: “setup.exe” and click on “Finish”. We’ll add the special arguments to achieve silent installations in next steps.

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