Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to change SQL Server 2008 Database name.

This is having only few steps and you have to run tree commands. Steps are bellow, 

   1.  First log in to SQL Server management Studio. In here you can select Windows Authentication Mode or the SQL Server Authentication.

    2. Then Run a new Query

   3.  Then Check the existing SQL Server Database name by using “SP_helpserver” command and click “Execute”. The existing Database name will show in the second window.

   4. Then copy that name and run “SP_ Dropserver Existing Server name” command and click Execute to execute the command.

    5.  Now you have removed the old Database name and run “ SP _Addserver new Server name” command to change the SQL Database name. Don’t forget to click Execute.

   6.  Now you change the Database name and you will able to run you SharePoint 2010 or the CRM wizard without any authentication errors. 

FYI: When you are executing these commands if you get some error massage. Just use “” marks between your Server name. Or you can find the reason of the error by checking the error details.

And another small thing.. Add a new AD user under logins (Security > Logins). This will help you to run your SharePoint configuration using different User

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