Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to install MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) - 04

 Creating a Deployment Task Sequence 

Now we have the distribution share with a clean image of Windows 7, we can create a task sequence to deploy the operating system.
1.    In “Deployment Shares”, expand the deployment share created, right click “Task Sequences” and select “New Task Sequence”. 

2.    Insert a “Task Sequence ID”, I’m using “WIN7”. And a “Task Sequence name”, in my case “Deploy Windows 7 clean image”. Click “Next”.  

3.    Accept the default option in “Template”: “Standard Client Task Sequence”. Click “Next”.

4.    Select the operating system to deploy. Click “Next”. 

5.    The “Product Key” section can be used to not specify a key at this point. Click “Next”.

6. Complete the information about the registered user and click “Next”. 

7. In my case I’m also selecting the local Administrator password. Click “Next”. 

8. In the “Summary” page click “Next”.

9. Once the process is complete we can click “Finish”.

Note: There’s an option of “View Script”, which we can use to retrieve an automated script to use for every time we want to create a similar Task Sequence (we only need to change the values)

10. The process is completed once we update the Deployment Share. In the Deployment Share name, right click and select “Update Distribution Share”. 

11. select the option for “Optimize the boot image updating process”. Click “Next”. 

12. Click “Next” on “Summary”. This process can take a few minutes since it will be creating new files, including the boot images “LiteTouchPE_x86.iso” and “LiteTouchPE_x64” which can be used for the clean operating system deployment. 

The drivers section we can create simple wizard where we can add device drivers into the operating system deployment. This is support “.inf” extension, we can add the components directly; but always remember to use the “Update Distribution Share” once you change the deployment share

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