Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to install MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) - 02

Adding a Clean Image to MDT 2010

After MDT installation, we can create a new deployment share


1. Create the distribution share.
2. Add operating system files to the distribution share.
3. Create a task sequence for the reference computer. 

Creating the Distribution Share

1. In the MDT Console, right click on “Deployment Shares” and select “New Deployment Share”.

2. in the wizard, click on “Browse”.
3. Select a folder where you want to store all the binaries (applications, operating system, etc.) As a recommendation use a separate partition.

4. Click on “Next”.

5. Accept the name of the “Share Name” and click on “Next”. 

6. In the next page we can add a short description for the distribution share. Click “Next”.
7. Ensure that the option “Ask if an image should be captured” is checked and click “Next”.

8. If you want you can select “Ask user to set the local administrator password”

Click “Next”.

9. You can select “Ask user for a product key” or you can set this option in task sequence of each operating system deployment. Click “Next”. 

10. Review the “Summary” page and click “Next”.
11. Wait for the process to complete and click “Finish”.

Once the process completes, you can see this in our MDT 2010 Management Console.

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